by Illuminator

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We cant all be great
You can call it fate

I try so hard, just to fall short
What's next? Who am I gonna disappoint?
Im a failure, a deadbeat, a fucking loser
Im a failure, deadbeat, so fucking kill me
so fucking kill me

I always wear black because my life is a fucking funeral
For every aspiration Ive ever had

Dead weight
The monsters under my bed have
moved on to my head

I want to isolate myself from this world
Because Im just bad luck, an omen a curse
Black clouds hang above my head
So fill my lungs with lead, Im on my fucking death bed
Fill my lungs with lead

I held a funeral for my passions
Not even I'd attend

Too tired to do the things I love
Too busy to see my fucking friends

Four fucking years as a stranger in my flesh
Wrap myself in the sheep's skin

I am the reaper

I sail the river alone
I tie the noose around my neck

Gratus sum ego sum moreimini
Gratus sum ego sum moreimini

Do me a favor before you leave
Kick the chair from beneath my feet

Do me a favor before you leave
Kick the chair from beneath my feet


released June 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Illuminator Seattle, Washington


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