by Illuminator

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why don't you listen for a second or two
I don't know why I still think about you
Its just the one that gets away is the one you wish had stayed
you used to bring a smile to my face but my heart's in a different place

I'd rather be pissed off than down on myself
I'd rather be angry than alone in my room
I'd rather pissed off than wasting more time with you
(you were just a waste)
I've let hate consume my heart
Consume my heart

You're not what i fucking thought

I dont know why I cant bring my self to peace
I should've given up, I should've moved on when you gave up on me
I'm not a quitter, I'll hold and struggle to the end
Maybe thats why I'm so bitter
Maybe its why I have to to hold back my anger
Maybe that's why I cant you get over you

Fuck the way i've become or maybe this is who i've always was
At least im not alone theres a thousand other just like me cheated out of every good thing in life
I never knew i could feel this way
So cold so angry
I'm less like me every day
I'm less like me every fucking day

I'm less like me every day

If anger is fire then you're my fuel
like a wild fire burns the land
I've let it cleanse me of these memories that made me hate my very being

Everytime i hear your name, it rots my brain
Everytime i hear your name it reminds me of every second I spent in pain


released February 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Illuminator Seattle, Washington


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