by Illuminator

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I shouldn’t have held you up so high
you’re only human of course you lied, but honestly I expected more from you
I expected more from you

I still, I still remember every word you said
“please come my way”
I promise I will someday
A dream come true, I fell in love with you, and the lies I was force fed
I’m just praying that death can silence the voice in my head

You’ve convinced me heaven isn’t real
But hell, hell is real
it’s a place inside of my head
it’s where i go when I can’t sleep at night
It's what I feel when my head and heart fight
It’s the voice that say, “you’ll never do this right”
You’ll never do this right

I promise I’m trying to let go of the resentment I hold in my heart but I’ve never felt so betrayed
I’ve felt myself decaying since the first day,
What more can I say
I let you in, I trusted you and you ripped out, more lies than I can count.

You can keep it

I don’t want my heart back
I don’t wanna feel like this another fucking time
I don’t wanna see the sun againu
I cant see your face without regretting every second I spent in that fucking place
Since I can’t forget you, I’ll kill our memories
I’ll erase all trace of these dark days
forget my heart ever stayed in your hands
Burn my dreams, let me live with the damned

Ten days in heaven turned into hell
You stole my soul, my heart is still in Collinsville

I’ll sit in my grave, writing letters to no one
Screaming songs for the world to hear, the things I keep in my head, the things I wished I had said
but these words will never reach your ears
I’d say im trying to forget you but I never really knew you
You’re just another no one.
You're just another no one now.


released May 19, 2013
Illuminator and Ryan Dowty of Navigator



all rights reserved


Illuminator Seattle, Washington


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